All About the Benjamin


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Fairly Tale….


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Support Interspecies Marriage….


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Gay Oreo…


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Gay Ghosts


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Gay Animal Bars


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Wizard of Oz


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My latest Mad Atoms piece. Inspired by all my friends who finally DID come out. Click through to read it!


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"Chick Fil-A" I loved their sandwiches and waffle fries like nobody’s business in college, but due to their company policies and donations to groups that fight against gay rights, this is all I see whenever I pass the very soon to open Chick Fil-A in Hollywood. It saddens me that I won’t be allowing myself to purchase their delicious food, but it will also help me from getting fat, which us gay people are supposed to avoid anyways. Am I right girlfriend? Any gay person who eats here really isn’t worth my time.


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What I think every time I see Banana Republic ads.